Days 5-8, Branson MO and Hennessey OK

Good morning from somewhere in Oklahoma. …38 degrees. In a fenced-in gravel lot surrounded by cattle pastures….but when you have full hook-ups (FHU’s for you RV folks), life is good no matter where you are. Drove from Branson yesterday during high winds. 350 mile drive required focus to stay in lanes…..Cindy especially enjoyed her stint behind the wheel for a while…..she did great. Winds gusting to 50…today’s drive a bit shorter but gusts to 60 and high grass-fire danger. We’ll see….a shorter drive of only 200 miles to arrive in Guymon OK, in the NW panhandle due north of Texas, before heading into New Mexico. Meanwhile, back in Branson, had fun 3 days….. actually stayed in a marina RV park surrounded on 3 sides by water and boat slips…lots of boat slips….probably a thousand…..and just 1 of many marinas on the damned White river creating Table Rock Lake….650 miles of shoreline…SML only 500 miles. Saw several shows in Branson including illusionist and couple of musicals…..’#1 Hits of 60’s’ our favorite for us old people…really 50-70’s but had us smiling, singing, and a little dancing in the aisles. Also found Top Of The Rock…a mountain top development by John Morris, owner of Bass Pro….mega money guy…..but the area is his home and he’s spared no investment into the area. Most impressive restaurant we ever saw, ‘Osage’….even solid granite urinals…yeah, I’m easily impressed. Par 3 golf course also on top of mtn along with beautiful stone chapel looking out over the valley and river. If you’re ever in Branson, it’s a must-see. Hope we get out of OK upright and un-singed. When they sing ‘when the wind comes sweeping down the plain’ we now know what they mean.

One response to “Days 5-8, Branson MO and Hennessey OK”

  1. Great adventure! Makes me want to go there just to visit your “fav”😂😂


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