The Beginning

Well, we’ve done it. Alex has sold his business of 35 years, Outer Beaches Realty. Cindy is on his heels with the sale or her business of 17 years, Oceanas Bistro. We departed Hatteras Island for the last time as business owners on March 16, exactly 2 years since the initial closing of Dare County at the onset of covid. So, to our Smith Mountain lake house we went with trailer in tow filled with the last of our belongings from Hatteras. Now we have 14 days until our departure for 5 months in our RV heading to Alaska, The Final Frontier.

Our trip will commence on a southwest route into California, then north along the coast before crossing the Canadian border and arriving at Banff National Park. There our organized RV caravan/tour begins with 16 RVs in our group, led by our caravan hosts. For the next 60 days and 5,000 miles, we’ll be touring the depths of Alaska with incredible excursions along the way. We’ return on a northern route criss-crossing the US /Canada border a few times and arriving back at our lake house by Labor Day.

Many of you have asked to be kept posted on our travels, discoveries, and unexpected occurrences throughout our trip. Thus we have created this blog for those of you who want to keep tabs on our big adventure. Cheers!

Cindy and Alex

Pls note Alex’s new email address:

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